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KDL Code of Conduct Policy: Kinangop Dairy Limited has a strategic goal of becoming the leading processor of Quality Dairy Products. Excellence in this industry should be achieved by what we do strategically as well as how all stake holders view us. If all this aspects are well executed the company will achieve its goal.

This code of conduct is the way that the company will seek to ensure that our reputation which is the most valuable asset is achieved, maintained and as a guide of our principles.

Below is the Kinangop Dairy Limited Code of Conduct Policy document:

KDL Code of Conduct Policy

KDL Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We as Kinangop Dairy limited are focused on taking care of the community at large. Our contribution to the local communities and consumers is reflected through our engagement in environmental and social matters.

We offer sponsorships to AP Kipipiri Football club, Kinangop Heroes among others. We support Muki Farmers’ Cooperative Society and other Kinangop Nyandarua County farmers in partnership with identified service providers.

MUKI Farmers Co operative: KDL has a backward milk sourcing strategic alliance with MUKI Farmers’ Co-operative Society. The MUKI Farmers’ Co-operative Society represents a group of over 14,000 Farmers who are actively involved in Dairy Farming in the rich milk catchment area of Kinangop in Nyandarua County. The MUKI Farmers form the bedrock of milk supply to KDL.

Out of this group 9,000 are active members whose milk is supplied to KDL daily. The other balance represents farmers who may have potential for daily provision of milk to KDL, but are curtailed for other reason.

Below is the Kinangop Dairy Limited Corporate Social Responsibility Policy document:

KDL CSR Policy

KDL Rewards & Recognition Policy:

Click on the link to read the KDL Rewards & Recognition Policy:

KDL Rewards & Recognition Policy